COVID Stimulus Watch Individual Entry

Note: this award was refunded

Individual Award Data

Recipient Company:  AutoNation
Parent Company:  AutoNation
Award Date:  Apr 24, 2020
Award Type:  loan
Loan or Loan Guarantee Amount:  $77,000,000
Awarding Agency:  Small Business Administration
Program Name:  Paycheck Protection Program
Award Details: 

The company announced it was returning a total of $77 million in loans that had been awarded to various dealerships owned by the company:

Parent Company Data

Ownership Structure:  publicly traded (ticker symbol AN)
Headquartered in:  Florida
Parent Sector:  retailing
Parent Industry:  retail-automotive
Employees (prior to pandemic):  25,000

Parent Accountability Issues Since 2010

Employment-related Penalties:  $14,977
Federal Corporate Income Tax Rate:  18.50%
Environmental / Healthcare / Safety Penalties:  $3,405,956
Ratio of CEO Pay to that of Median Worker:  172 to 1
CEO Compensation:  $8,510,005
Worker Median Pay:  $49,568