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Recipient Company:
Gawthorp Investments, LP/Ninety9 Wing Co, LLC/Wing Crazy Enterprises, LLC/Seventy5 Wing Co, LLC/Gabbywings Enterprises, LLC/Gawthorp Developments, LLC
Loan or Loan Guarantee Amount:

Recipient Details

Ownership Structure: privately held
Facility City: Katy
Facility State: TX

Award Details

Award Date: Dec 8, 2020
Award Type: loan
Award Details: Amount is principal amount of loan purchased by the Main Street Loan Program. This loan has multiple co-borrowers. CO-BORROWERS: 1. Gawthorp Investments, LP (Katy, TX); 2. Ninety9 Wing Co, LLC (Katy, TX); 3. Wing Crazy Enterprises, LLC (Katy, TX); 4. Seventy5 Wing Co, LLC (Katy, TX); 5. Gabbywings Enterprises, LLC (Katy, TX); 6. Gawthorp Developments, LLC (Katy, TX); 7. Chandonwings Enterprises, LLC (Katy, TX); 8. Wing King Enterprises, LLC (Katy, TX); 9. Wingpro Holdings, LLC (Katy, TX); 10. Speedy Wings Enterprises, LP (Katy, TX).
PPP Lender: City National Bank Of Florida
Program Name: Main Street Loan Program
Legislation: CARES
Awarding Agency: Federal Reserve
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