COVID Stimulus Watch Individual Entry

Individual Award Data

Recipient Company:
Parent Company: GlaxoSmithKline
Award Date: Jul 10, 2020
Award Type: loan
Loan or Loan Guarantee Amount: $5,674,835
Awarding Agency: Federal Reserve
Program Name: Secondary Market Corporate Credit Facility
Award Details: Amount represents the purchase price of company bonds bought by the Fed.
Data Source for Award:

Parent Company Data

Ownership Structure: publicly traded (ticker symbol GSK)
Headquartered in: United Kingdom
Parent Sector: pharmaceuticals
Parent Industry: pharmaceuticals
Employees (prior to pandemic): 97,214

Accountability Issues Since 2010

Employment icon
Employment-related Penalties: $352,773
Contracting icon
Government-contracting-related Penalties: $74,837,264
Environment icon
Environmental / Healthcare / Safety Penalties: $3,885,095,209
ConsumerProt icon
Consumer Protection / Financial / Competition-related Penalties: $125,000,000
CEOpay icon
Ratio of CEO Pay to that of Median Worker: 123 to 1
CEO Compensation: $10,911,788
Worker Median Pay: $88,907
Tax icon
Total Federal, State, and Local Subsidies: $55,964,320
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