COVID Stimulus Watch Individual Entry

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Recipient Details

Ownership Structure: publicly traded (ticker symbol MANT)
Facility Street Address: 12015 LEE JACKSON HWY
Facility City: FAIRFAX
Facility State: VA
Facility Zip Code: 220333300
Facility Congressional District: VA-11

Award Details

Award Date: Sep 21, 2020
Award Type: contract
Award Details: Some contracts are funded with emergency and non-emergency funds. The award amount listed here represents only emergency funding for the contract. The total value of the contract may be higher. Award Description: R&D- OTHER RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT (APPLIED RESEARCH/EXPLORATORY DEVELOPMENT)
Program Name: Federal Contracts Funded by COVID-19 Relief Funds
Legislation: CARES
Awarding Agency: Defense Department
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Parent Company Data

Parent Company: ManTech International
Headquartered in: Virginia
Parent Sector: information technology
Parent Industry: information technology

Accountability Issues Since 2010

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Employment-related Penalties: $3,244,312
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Government-contracting-related Penalties: $750,000
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Total Federal, State, and Local Subsidies: $5,332,328
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