COVID Stimulus Watch Individual Entry

Individual Award Data

Recipient Company:  Skywest Airlines
Parent Company:  SkyWest
Award Date:  Apr 23, 2020
Award Type:  loan
Loan or Loan Guarantee Amount:  $101,400,000
Awarding Agency:  Treasury Department
Program Name:  Payroll Support Program
Award Details: 

SkyWest announced it would receive $438 million under the Payroll Support Program, including a $101.4 million loan and a $336.6 million grant (listed separately). As part of the deal, the company agreed to issue warrants to the Treasury Department to purchase 357,217 shares in the company.

Parent Company Data

Ownership Structure:  publicly traded (ticker symbol SKYW)
Headquartered in:  Utah
Parent Sector:  airlines
Parent Industry:  airlines
Employees (prior to pandemic):  13,700

Parent Accountability Issues Since 2010

Environmental / Healthcare / Safety Penalties:  $3,038,750
Consumer Protection / Financial / Competition-related Penaties:  $265,000
Ratio of CEO Pay to that of Median Worker:  93 to 1
CEO Compensation:  $3,611,011
Worker Median Pay:  $39,000