COVID Stimulus Watch Individual Entry

Individual Award Data

Recipient Company:  United Airlines Inc.
Parent Company:  United Airlines Holdings
Award Date:  Apr 21, 2020
Award Type:  grant
Grant Amount:  $3,500,000,000
Awarding Agency:  Treasury Department
Program Name:  Payroll Support Program
Award Details: 

United announced it would receive a total of $5 billion in assistance, including $3.5 billion in grants and $1.5 billion in loans (listed separately). United agreed to issue warrants to Treasury allowing it to purchase up to 4.6 million shares.

Parent Company Data

Ownership Structure:  publicly traded (ticker symbol UAL)
Headquartered in:  Illinois
Parent Sector:  airlines
Parent Industry:  airlines
Employees (prior to pandemic):  96,000

Parent Accountability Issues Since 2010

Employment-related Penalties:  $50,719,911
Federal Corporate Income Tax Rate:  0.40%
Environmental / Healthcare / Safety Penalties:  $11,151,812
Consumer Protection / Financial / Competition-related Penaties:  $9,443,400
Ratio of CEO Pay to that of Median Worker:  169 to 1
CEO Compensation:  $12,643,005
Worker Median Pay:  $74,750